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Plain Text Encode To Base64

Base64 Decode From Base64

Base64 converter enables users to effortlessly encode or decode base64 information within a second.

The converter provides specific options to encodes in base64 or decode in base64 a string and vice versa.

How it works or use?

To apply the base64 translator or use base64 encode and decode, follow the beneath steps below:

Input or paste the facts inside the enter area.

Click on the base64 button options to translate it.

Once you click the button, it encrypts or decrypts the base64 strings and generates an accurate result for you to use.

What is base64?

It a quite number gadget of base-64 and it makes use of the sixty four particular digits set represented via the 6 bits as it programed.

The base64 encoding method uses 7-Bit ASCII characters used in an e mail to transfer eight-Bit statistics over the 7-Bit facts path. Right here, the records is divided into six bits and converted into different alphanumeric characters at the time. 

Why use Base64 Encoder/Base64 Decoder?

The Base64 Decoder Encoder is normally used when there's a want to encode or decode binary statistics.

Result records will similarly need to be stored and transferred over the media that is created to address the textual facts.

Sixty four-bit decoder offers an option to decode limitless characters with none hurdle. It is extensively used by several customers because it provides the following capabilities:

Base64 Encode

The functionality helps you to without problems encode any string or question inside a fragment of seconds.

If you encode “Base64”, its output result might be written like the code below:

"i fair tools" Encode to this:"aSBmYWlyIHRvb2xz"

Base64 Decode 

The decoder online affords is an option to decode files from base64 format with one click. If you decode the text “Base64”, the end result will be like the below text:

"aSBmYWlyIHRvb2xz" Decode to this: "i fair tools"

Different features

iFairTools base64 translator provides an thrilling option to opposite encode or opposite decode the output end result.

You may use the underneath features to carry out the opposite operations:        

Share or keep

As soon as you exchange the information, it’ll provide an option to percentage to save the result record and the output format can be in. TXT Format.